To Hire or Not to Hire an Office Mover?

What will be the Future of Office Moving?
May 2, 2015
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To Hire or Not to Hire an Office Mover?


Most buyers of office moving services are doing it for the first time.  Some may even be thinking that they can move themselves.  When they think of movers they think of residential movers.  3 Men and a truck sweating in the summer heat.

Comparing a home mover to an office mover is like relating a medical doctor to a Veterinarian.  While related one speaks and one barks or meows.  Very different communication process.

To set up an office move one must communicate with property management.  Reserve the dock, the elevator and have the proper certificate of insurance to provide to the building both at origin and destination.

One must consider the factors associated with accessing the building.  Does it have a dock or is it street level?  Does it have an elevator and if so what size is the elevator?  What time will property management allow us to access the building?  Office Moves take a strategic plan and require more men, equipment and trucks.

Having the right equipment and man power to achieve a successful move considering the factors above takes a skill set that most movers do not have.  Hiring just any mover for an office move might leave you with an understaffed, ill-equipped crew that will probably take twice as long.

I recommend hiring KCS Office Moving!  We handle thousands of office moves and our representatives that would bid your move have a minimum of 15 years of office moving experience.  You can find us at or call 281-249-1088.

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