Household Goods 101

Getting Started? Here’s a step-by-step guide for a successful international relocation.

Step 1 – Initial Contact

Contact us to schedule a pre-move consultation with one of our experienced international relocation consultants. Your relocation consultant will visit your home to:

  • explain the international moving services available,
  • answer questions that you have about moving internationally, and
  • list all items to be moved.

Step 2 – Documentation

KC Salley Relocation will provide or collect the following documents within two days of final loading. Documentation is different for every country. Your relocation coordinator will guide you through the process of identifying and completing the appropriate paperwork for your home and host countries.

  • Descriptive Inventory
  • Order for Service
  • Valued Inventory
  • Legible Copy of following pages from your passport
    • ID Page
    • Visa – if necessary
    • Work Permit – If necessary
    • TSA Security Form- if necessary
    • Weight Certificate
    • Invoice
    • Special documentation as needed

Step 3 – Risk Considerations

When moving abroad, please consider all risks associated with your upcoming travel. The following links can provide you current information on travel risks.

Step 4 – Packing & Loading

  • KC Salley Relocation will provide you preprinted labels for your shipment, storage, items not shipping, and/or air shipment.
  • KC Salley Relocation uses the best material to carefully protect your furniture and belongings. During your pre-move consultation, your move consultant will identify items which could need special protection such as bubble wrap or crating.
  • After our crew is finished packing, you will need to sign your acknowledgement of items being shipped on your inventories.
  • As an agent of UniGroup Worldwide, one of the largest household goods forwarders, our standard procedure is to regularly live load your items directly into a container at your residence. In the case of container shortage, KC Salley Relocation may need to temporarily store your goods at your origin warehouse until your container arrives.

Step 5 – Delivering and Unpacking / Customs Clearance

You must be in the host country when your shipment arrives. Your move coordinators will guide you through the customs clearance process. Once your shipment has cleared customs, your local representative will contact you to schedule the delivery of your items. After delivering your items, our delivery crew will unpack your boxes and set the items on a flat surface.

Step 6 – Post Move Survey

Our surveyor will contact you to discuss your evaluation of our moving services and if necessary assist with the claims process.

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