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  1. Before any employee of any moving company arrives in your home, please remove all valuables such as (but not limited to) jewelry, coin collections, stamp collections, computer programs, currency, precious metals, precious or semi-precious stones or gems, rare collectible items, manuscripts or other rare documents. Please place them in a secure area along with personal items (purse, wallet, suitcases) that you will carry with you as you travel. Movers are liable for these items only under certain very specific conditions under the “High-Value Inventory” program below.
  2. Please make sure that you understand the Valuation Options available to you. We recommend United’s “Full Value Protection”. The day your shipment loads, the van operator will ask you to sign your “Bill of Lading” – and fill in your valuation amount, please write in the amount of valuation necessary to protect your shipment. Then check and initial the deductible option of your choice.
  3. Before the packers arrive it is necessary that you complete a High-Value Inventory form for items worth more than $100 per pound. Claims for High-Value items are limited to $100 per pound except when the items are listed on the High-Value Inventory. The High-Value Inventory form will be provided to you prior to your move date. Please provide a completed copy to the packers upon their arrival and specifically show them the High-Value Items that are to be included in your shipment.
  4. Remove any fixture that is bolted or secured to your walls, such as tie racks, curtain rods, attached bookcases, shelves, “Space Saver” coffee makers, can openers, etc. that are to be moved.
  5. Remove all items from refrigerators and freezers. Defrost and let dry open at least 24 – 48 hours in advance. Then thoroughly clean and wipe out with a dry cloth.
  6. Prepare stereo, TV, VCR and computer equipment by disconnecting and removing wires, cable, etc. Also, before they are packed, please be sure to remove all video, audiotapes and CD’s from those units and replace the transit screw in your CD player if applicable. All electronic equipment should be listed specifically on carrier’s inventory.
  7. We cannot move bleach, ammunition, aerosol cans, candles, matches, paints, propane or butane tanks, or any flammable or combustible items of any kind.
  8. Please drain the oil and gas from your lawn mower, edger, or other machinery. It’s a good idea to tape a reminder note to each piece of equipment to replace the oil prior to re-using.
  9. Please leave your utilities and especially your telephone connected until the day after we are scheduled to load.
  10. You or a designated representative must be available during packing, loading and unloading.
  11. Accompany the driver through the house as he inventories and tags the furniture to note its condition. We strongly recommend that you check off inventories at destination and note any damage and/or shortage. If you choose not to check in your inventory, a waiver will be required that could impact any claim settlement.
  12. Before releasing your packers or loaders, please make a thorough inspection to be sure everything is packed and/or loaded. Items left behind can result in extra charges.
  13. Inspect for any property damage to your floors, walls, banisters, driveways etc. and please note any damages on the last page of the inventory forms, and then notify me immediately.
  14. Please give the driver directions to your new home and verify all destination, cellular or in route contact numbers.
  15. When you are ready for delivery out of storage, please contact us as soon as you know when you would like to accept delivery. We recommend at least 14 days notice to help secure your preferred day. Peak summertime, holiday periods or dates near the end of a month may require more notice.


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