Staff Move Meeting

Staff Move Meeting Video Transcript:

Office Worker: “I need to have I done by when?”

Lady Worker: “I need to have it done by when?”

Kevin: “Hello My name is Kevin Crofoot and I am with KC Salley Relocation moving and we are going to take a few minutes to go through your staff move instructions. The first thing we are going to start off with is your move packet. Your move packet basically contains on the outside a furniture layout guide. The furniture layout guide indicates to the movers where to place the furniture inside the room at destination. Here in a few minutes we will show you an example of this. Beyond the furniture layout guide is a set of written instructions. Basically what we are trying to do by putting this video out is to avoid you from having to read these written instructions, so you can generally just utilize these as a reference guide if you have any questions. Beyond the written instructions you will find your pre- printed labels. Now these pre- printed labels are used for each room at destination, and you have 29 pre- printed labels. On the label you will find the name of the room, the floor at destination and then also your room number. These labels are made so they will come off a sheet of paper. So please as you place these labels, place the labels in the most obvious location for the movers. Remember each piece of furniture needs to have a label. The number one rule of Moving is: If it does not have a label, the movers are instructed not to move it. In course finial with the move packet, we are also providing you with signage. It will be your responsibility to hang the signage and the furniture layout guide outside each room or cubicle at destination. Also we have provided you with blank labels. These blank labels are to be used, for instance if you run out of labels in a specific area. 29 labels are going to be plenty of labels about 80% of the time. So you are going to have maybe a file area or storage area that requires additional labels. If you do use the blank labels make sure you write down the same information that is on your pre- printed labels, so the movers know where to take everything. Okay the next thing is your PC bags and monitor covers.”

Office Worker: “Everything fits in the pink bag? Even this?”

Kevin: “We are going to be supplying you with two things. Number 1 is a PC bag. What goes in the PC bag is going to be your keyboard, mouse, computer cables, Telephone if you are taking it. Remember the PC bag also gets a label. The next thing you are going to get is a monitor cover. The monitor cover just slips right over your flat screen monitor for added protection. CRT monitors do not get these, they just aren’t worth it. The next thing we will go through is pictures and wall boards.”

Lady: “And what about the pictures?”

Kevin: “Any pictures that are hanging on the wall, as long as they are not permanently affixed to the wall just put a label on them, leave them hanging on the wall and the movers will take the pictures off the wall and they will place them in the room at destination. But of course make sure the pictures have a label. One more thing on the pictures, is that you might want to place the label on the frame of the picture. The labels are made so that they will come off on anything but they will leave somewhat of a sticky film. Same thing with your flat screen monitor. If you place the label directly on the monitor, when you peel it off it will leave somewhat of a sticky film. So try to put the label on the frame of the picture or on the frame of your monitor. Wallboards; if we are disconnecting and reconnecting your wallboards, again leave these on the wall and it will be our responsibility to disconnect them from the wall and reconnect them to the wall at destination. If you are not paying for us to disconnect the wallboards make sure these are moved from the wall prior to us getting there. Okay, PBO’s. PBO stands for Packed by Owner boxes. So if you have boxes already packed In your office, just place a label on them and we will move them just as they are. If you do have the letter file boxes, you know the typical office depot boxes that have the removable lid, make sure that that lid is on their securely and you might go ahead and tape that lid down. The contents of your office are going to be moved utilizing moving crates. These crates are absolutely fabulous. They will save your back. The contents of your desk, credenza, bookcase all need to go in the moving grates. The basic instructions on the moving crates; when you move these crates once they are full, they can weight about 70 or 80 pounds. So it is very important that you not pack the crate directly on the work surface. What we ask that you do is take a dolly and basically what you do is take this dolly and take an empty crate like this and you’ll put them on the dolly and then obviously once one stack crate is full you know the lid just opens like this and once that crate is full, what you’ll do is you’ll put another empty crate on top of that one. Again this allows you to never have to lift a crate, it will save your back. If whatever reason these crates once they are stacked, they stack on a 4:1 ratio and once these crates are stacked four high, if whatever reason at this height you have a hard time putting things into it or for whatever reason your crate to dolly ration isn’t exactly the same 4:1. Please pack the crates on the work surface or on the floor but do not lift them. Let our movers come in and place them on the set of wheels. We do not want you lifting these. Again these can weigh up to 70 or 80 pounds once full and there are certain liability your company does not want you lifting these either. Okay, furniture. I already mentioned that you need to place the label on the most obvious location on your furniture. But one thing to keep I mind is that these labels designate your destination location. So for instance if Jill has furniture currently at origin but Jack is going to use that furniture at destination, make sure that that furniture is labeled with Jacks room number and Jacks name. So that the movers move the furniture into Jacks office not into Jill’s office. Okay what we are going to do now is walk around a bit and we are going to show you examples of file cabinets and also how to label the items in the office. Okay with the filing cabinets you’ve got two types of filling cabinets. You’ve got vertical file cabinets, lateral filling cabinets and also in this room we’ve got an example of a storage cabinet. So the storage cabinet needs to be completely empty. But of course you will fill the cabinet with the moving grates. This is an example of a vertical filling cabinet. As long as it is a metal, it can be completely full. Whether it is 3 drawer, 4 drawer, 5 drawer all metal filing cabinets can be full. Okay here in the back is an example of a lateral filing cabinet. Lateral filing cabinets that are 2 drawers and metal can be moved full. If it is a 4 or 5 drawer cabinet similar to this, the top 2 or top 3 drawers need to be empty. Okay this is an example of how we want the outside of the door to look. So here we have an example of the signage and an example of the furniture layout guide. It doesn’t have to be specific. So if the movers basically show up they know which room the furniture goes in and they know the basic diagram of where the furniture needs to go. This is a typical room and how we expect it to be labeled and how it should show up at destination. So you can see the labels on the furniture and of course they will peel off easily. This is also an example of a wooden 2 drawer lateral file cabinet. All wooden file cabinets need to be empty. Alright thanks for joining me today. Again this is Kevin Crofoot with KC Salley Relocation moving. You can find us My email address if you have any questions regarding the staff move meeting is . And our call number is 281-249-1088. Thanks and have a great day!”

Office Worker: “all I have to do was show up and everything was ready for me.”

“Thanks Kevin”

Office Worker: “That was easy”