How To Qualify A Mover

How To Qualify A Mover Video Transcript

Hello again this is Kevin Crofoot, VP of Sales for KC Salley Relocation Moving. I am making this impromptu video because I got a great call the other morning. The lady asked me “How do you qualify an office moving company?”
Based on that question I thought that I would make this short video.

The first thing that I would ask is do they own their own equipment? This tells you if they will be ready for the job.

Do they provide storage? If they do that means that they have a stake in the game and that they are not just a fly-by-night company.

You might also ask what associations that they have? We are a United Van Lines Agent, we are a member of Better Business Bureau. We are also members of IFMA and CoreNet.

Do they offer Valuation? Valuation is in addition to carrier’s liability or basic liability.

And lastly do they provide fixed bids? A company that is willing to provide a fixed bid is confident in their ability to deliver consistent service and they know how to bid a job.

Thanks, again this is Kevin Crofoot with KC Salley Relocation Moving. Have a great day.