Warehouse Moves

KC Salley Relocation is equipped to handle all facets of a warehouse move. Our services performed during warehouse moves include: disconnecting and reconnecting pallet racking & metal shelving, packing and unpacking small parts inventories and handling pallet moves. We can also anchor your racking at the new destination.

Small Parts Inventories

KC Salley Relocation typically handles 10-20 major warehouse moves a year. We continue to have success in this area of business because of our ability to accurately estimate cost and downtime of the move. One of our specialties is small parts inventory moves. In small parts moves we provide the packing and unpacking labor along with booking carts and machine carts to pack contents, disconnect shelving, move, reconnect shelving and unpack contents. We own a large amount of the equipment that we use on warehouse moves which allows us to price these moves within your budget.

Pallets and Pallet Racking

Moving pallets and pallet racking requires the right size crew and equipment. KC Salley Relocation can perform the forklift work, disconnect, move and reconnect your pallet racking. We can also cut the concrete anchors for your pallet racking at origin and insert new concrete anchors at destination. KCS has both flat-bed trailers and enclosed trailers. On a typical pallet move we prefer to use enclosed trailers because they offer safety and convenience. We will typically provide a mover with a pallet jack to position the pallets most efficiently within the trailer.


KC Salley Relocation can move your small machines and lab equipment. We utilize 24 FT straight trucks with either lift or rail gates to properly handle your sensitive equipment. Machinery that weighs 1000-2000 pounds is typically outside of the scope of our expertise depending on the size and shape.  However, we work closely with a local rigging company who can facilitate any move we cannot handle.


Warehouse moves always involve forklifts in one capacity or another. KC Salley Relocation can provide certified forklift drivers and forklifts. Sometimes we are simply providing transportation services for our clients forklift, and other times KC Salley Relocation provides additional forklifts for us to facilitate a move.

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