Recycle or Decommission Office Furniture

Maximizing the use of space at your new office is smart decision making these days. The unintended result of effective space planning is often the need to decommission old furniture and/or recycle or dispose of electronics to make room for more efficient equipment. KC Salley Relocation handles all of these items during your move, so you don’t have to!

A common example of a recycle or decommission move is a company who is increasing their capacity but is moving to a similar sized space or even decreasing their total square footage at the new destination. Often this client will need to utilize new furniture to accommodate higher capacity, requiring liquidation or decommission of current furniture at the original site. KC Salley Relocation can help in several way to accommodate companies in this position:

  • Provide a professional picture inventory to facilitate distribution of available furniture to secondary branches, liquidators and charities.
  • Work directly with the liquidators to have the furniture removed and recycled or resold.
  • KC Salley Relocation can recycle all metal furniture.
  • Finally, in a worst case scenario, KC Salley Relocation will decommission items that cannot be recycled or resold

Electronic Recycling or “E-Cycling”

KC Salley Relocation works with several Houston based vendors who receive commercial loads of electronics and will properly recycle them. We define “proper recycling” to include the following but not limited to: drilling and/or degaussing hard drives and storage devices; disconnecting the unit to remove items which have to be shipped to different processing locations within the US for further decommission or recycling; and for an minimal cost we can have the E-Cycling company provide a signed document with an inventory of your electronics’ serial numbers stating they have been properly decommissioned. Whatever your needs are to securely dispose of your electronics, KC Salley Relocation will facilitate the people and trucks to get your equipment off your hands and into the right hands.