Packing & Unpacking Labor

Common Areas (Kitchen, Supply Room, Copy/Fax Areas)
KC Salley Relocation provides packing & unpacking labor in all common areas of an office move. We utilize our moving crates for packing the contents and pre-printed labels for indicating destination locations. Company supervision is required at destination if it is not obvious where items belong at destination. This labor is extremely efficient when added to the beginning and ending of a move and can save your sanity in an exhaustive process.

File Rooms, Libraries & Warehouse Small Parts Inventories
Book carts are specifically designed to transport contents of libraries, lateral filing cabinets and warehouse inventory. After contents are loaded on the cart, a moving label will be placed on the cart. Then KC Salley Relocation service providers will shrink-wrap the carts to ensure contents do not become damaged or fall out of place during transit.

moving crates

Carts are typically used during the process of the move. This eliminates the need to receive these carts early allowing for more space during the packing process move week. The packing time for carts is substantially less than the equivalent amount of crates. Given that the contents are on open shelving, the employees will experience zero downtime during the days before the move. Company provided supervision is sometimes required to explain the complexity of the filing system. Once we understand how the system is set up on the shelving it is easy for us to pack left to right and unpack right to left. Do not place packed cartons on to carts and please be careful when moving fully loaded carts.

Packing Executive Offices
KC Salley Relocation offers executive level services in which we take contents from one’s office and replace the contents at the new destination back into the exact place. 
This requires pictures to be taken at origin and additional time to note exact origin and destination locations for contents within the furniture items. If this is a requirement that you have contact a KC Salley Relocation representative immediately to get a fixed price bid for this work at 281-249-1088.

book cart