Move Packets

Customized Labels

Customized labels and signage greatly increase the accuracy of final product placement, eliminate the need to interpret sloppy handwriting and ensure all items and areas are properly accounted for during the move. KC Salley Relocation provides pre-printed labels whether your company is moving 5 people or 200 people.

custom label


Signage is prepared for every specific area in the new location and then corresponding labels are printed to affix to the items to be moved. Each employee receives up to three sheets of labels (ten labels per sheet) and a furniture layout guide to indicate placement of furniture within a room. Common areas receive one sheet of labels and a customized area locator. The labels can be customized to include any client-requested data, such as: job title, phone number, department, or even the company logo. Additional labels are available for libraries, storage rooms, etc. for a small additional fee. There is no need to manually create a database to complete the labels and signage. Simply add move numbers to your new phone extension list and email it to your KC Salley Relocation Account Manager. Labels are available in 4 colors: red, blue, green and yellow. Additional colors can be made available with 2 week notice for shipping. Do you have a large move that will require hours to hang the signage at destination? KC Salley Relocation can provide a Move Manager to assist with this activity at an additional charge. 


Furniture Layout Guide

The furniture layout guide is to be used with the customized signage and labels. At the destination hang the furniture layout near the signage indicating to the movers how the tagged furniture needs to be placed within the room. The furniture can be hand drawn and does not need to be to scale. Use rectangles for desk and bookcases, circles for chairs and end tables. Once you have drawn in the shapes note the items using simple descriptions like desk, chair and file cabinet.

furniture guide layout