Installation Services

Cubicles, wallboards and TV’s are just a few of the items KC Salley Relocation disconnects, moves and installs on a regular basis. KC Salley Relocation knows it is important to coordinate the schedule between the installers, electrician and movers, to assure downtime is reduced. We also provide on site Project Managers to solve any conflicts that may arise.

Moving Cubicles and Modular Furniture

Cubicles or modular furniture needing to be disconnected and reconnected can greatly impact the timeline, cost and scope of an office relocation. KC Salley Relocation has experience in dealing with almost all manufactures of furniture and will supply the correct labor with the correct tools for the job. A typical timeline for a move with 5 – 30 cubicles begins with us disconnecting the units the day before the move, then moving the furniture pieces that evening and reassembling the cubicles on the following day. This process allows us to decrease the downtime of our crews allowing them to be present when, and only when, they are needed to properly handle your furniture. KC Salley Relocation also handles the electrical whips, or power poles, associated with you cubicles.

Moving Flat Screen TV’s

Approximately half of the offices we move have multiple TV’s on stands or hanging from the walls in the office. KC Salley Relocation has become the proficient at disconnecting, moving and reconnecting your flat screen TV. However, we do not handle the electrical or data required to power your TV

Wallboard Moves

KC Salley Relocation can disconnect and reconnect: push pin boards, dry Erase boards and glass boards, just to name a few. Often these items require heavy duty sheet rock anchors and our installers have the right anchors for your equipment. If you have any specialized wall mounted equipment, we have the ability to properly remove and reattach it. Many take for granted smaller wall mounted items which need to be moved such as: door flags, otoscope plastic ear specula holders, tongue depressor holders, sharps boxes, napkin holders, x-ray boxes, hand sanitizer dispensers, safety boxes, key boxes, soap/napkin dispensers and light sconces