FF&E Logistics & Installs

KC Salley Relocation is the smart choice for receiving and delivering your next furniture project. Our warehouse can be your distribution hub for your upcoming furniture refresh, and thanks to our strategic location we will service all of your greater Houston area locations with ease. We also install custom furniture and fixtures within a hotel or restaurant environment.

KC Salley Relocation can receive and track the contents of your shipment from the receiving door to installation on location. We have experience delivering and installing furniture in restaurants, hotels and retirement communities. Our crews have the capability to install seating, chairs, desk, tables, headboards, pictures, mirrors and much more. We also assemble fixed furniture and remove all debris when your move is complete.

While furniture, fixture & equipment moves are typically reserved for the retail and hospitality business sectors, KC Salley Relocation can apply this practice to office furniture as well. We have the ability to receive, store and assemble office furniture if your space at destination is not ready for move in or deliveries. This service allows for greater flexibility in your company’s move plan, especially if you are operating on a tight schedule.

If you need your furniture removed, KC Salley Relocation Moving works closely with local businesses and non-profits in the Houston area to remove and recycle the current furniture within a project. (To learn more about our recycling and decommission please check out our “Recycling/Decommissioning” page). Recently KC Salley Relocation was able to help to donate 18 rooms of furniture to a new family medical facility for transplant patients near downtown Houston.

Call us today at 281-249-1088 or fill out our contact form to learn how we can help you with all your FF&E logistics and installs.