Crates – “Green” Reusable Substitute for Boxes

KC Salley Relocation offers reusable moving crates for commercial and industrial use. Crates are the ideal tool for relocating large amounts of office contents and at the same time reducing risk of damage.


Crates are safer than boxes because they can be packed directly on a set of wheels eliminating the need to lift a packed box. Picture a typical scenario where you are packing a box of desk contents on a work surface. Now you have to move that heavy box out of the way until the movers arrive. Instead of having to do that, pack in crates and then just wheel the crates out of your way to access any area of the office.



KC Salley Relocation is dedicated to sustainability and is environmentally responsible in it’s business model.

By using crates instead of cardboard boxes in 95% or more of our moves, KC Salley Relocation creates less waste.  Moving crates offer an environmental benefit increasing recycling and reducing waste in landfills. Crates also provide the company with a less expensive, smarter choice for a “green” move.

Reduces Downtime

Renting crates forces employees to unpack in a timely manner leaving your new office space a clean and efficient environment.  Ultimately this will reduce the amount of downtime each employee spends dealing with moving.  Crates can be rented for one week or one month based on the time needed to pack and unpack contents.


If security is an issue crates offer a lockable, sealable package during the process of a busy hectic move day. KC Salley Relocation can provided numbered zip ties that each person can use to track whether a crate has been accessed. It is the company’s responsibility to track the numbered zip ties.

Use Less Crates than Boxes

Crates stack 4 to 5 high depending on type and measure approximately 32” wide, 19” deep and 12” high. The 2.5 cubic foot container reduces the total amount of items to keep up with during a move based on the standard 1.5 cubic foot box. Companies will use six crates to ten boxes on average.

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