Computer & Data Center Moving Services

KC Salley Relocation specializes in moving full racks, computers and all associated peripherals throughout the Houston area.  We use the right equipment and materials for the job.  We offer full replacement coverage for your IT relocation.  During the process of an office move we can handle the disconnect and reconnect of PC’s, printers, IP Phones, UPS, scanners and fax machines.

Moving Server Racks Without Un-racking

If you have a full rack of servers, routers and switches we can move that rack without you or your IT company having to un-rack and re-rack you equipment.  We utilize a rack mover, pictured to the right, along with a pallet jack to safely and securely load up your entire unit.  We first fill empty space within your rack with moving pads.  Moving pads are better that shrink-wrap because they do not create additional static and cushion more effectively.  The end result of this move is less downtime for your system, a safer transition for your equipment, monetary savings and a reduction in valuable technology resources.

Desktop PC Moves

KC Salley Relocation has disconnected, moved and reconnected 450 desktops in a weekend.  We move desktop pc’s on almost every move.  The first objection we often hear from new clients is that their IT firm on retainer is going to move the PC’s.  While most IT firms do move small amounts of equipment and are effective when doing so, they are not set up to move 15 pieces at a time much less 1000. KC Salley Relocation utilizes the right equipment and truck to move IT equipment.  If you do have an IT company on retainer our suggestion is to have them disconnect and reconnect the desktop units and let us move them.  If you do not have an IT company on retainer consider allowing KC Salley Relocation to disconnect and reconnect your PC’s.

Moving IP Phones

IP phones are quickly becoming the standard in the Houston area.  Data is typically routed through the phone to the desktop unit or docking station making the phone a part of the desktop system.  Reconnecting and rebooting the phones is additional labor, time and cost during an office relocation.

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