Office Moving Tips

By Kevin Crofoot, VP of Corporate Sales

Moving an average sized office can be complicated. The following tips will help! Here are some simple tips that will make the physical pack & move easier to understand for your employees.

  • The # 1 Rule of Office Moving – Label everything! (no tag, no go is the philosophy…so if you don’t wish to take it to the new facility don’t label the item)
  • Use KC Salley Relocation Moving “Move Packets.” They come with pre-printed labels for each room at the destination and contain the corresponding signage that can be hung outside each room or cubicle at the destination.
  • Label according to destination spot (i.e. room # / cube #)
  • Use furniture layout guides provided in the KC Salley Relocation Moving move packets
  • Hang a large floor plan at the destination showing room numbers of your new facility near where the movers will enter the floor. A good location might be in the reception area or outside the elevator.
  • Color code your destination facility into quadrants or floors. This makes a good reference for the mover when entering your new facility and makes your move time more efficient.
  • Label items with multiple pieces! CPU, Monitor, Computer bag, pictures, file cabinets, desks, chairs, totes, etc. If an item breaks a part into multiple pieces (i.e. conference table) then label each piece so the item can be put back together.
  • Remove bookcase dowels – All bookcases with shelves that are removable need to have each shelf labeled, removed from the dowel pins, and placed in the bottom of the bookcase. Then remove the dowels and secure them together with tape or a bag to ensure these tiny items are not lost.
  • Disconnect all electrical & computer equipment – If you have a retainer with an IT company they can disconnect and reconnect your pc’s. Otherwise KC Salley Relocation can provide this service for you as well.
  • Use PC bags and monitor covers for your move – Place keyboard, mouse, and electrical wiring in computer bags.
  • Use moving crates instead of boxes – All miscellaneous contents need to be packed in moving crates provided. KC Salley Relocation Rents crates based on a 2 week basis. Crates help prevent you staff from having to lift heavy boxes during your upcoming move.
  • Personal effect should be taken home by employees (unless authorized for moving company to move)
  • Assign a staff member to origin & destination. Your company needs a person assigned to the origin facility and destination facility to make sure the mover has taken everything and to answer any questions that may arise.
  • Request an elevator key. If moving into or out of a facility with elevators…request a key to lock the elevator(s) out. Have the after hours contact person’s information on hand during the move for the company that services the elevator.
  • Lost and found. Create a lost and found area at destination for items that may have lost labels.

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