Office Moving Timeline

By Kevin Crofoot, VP of Corporate Sales

6 – 9 Months Prior to Projected Move Date

  • Hire commercial real estate professional to search for future office locations
  • Create an all encompassing budget to include new technology, furniture and phone systems. Four services to budget for include: new construction, moving, cable/data and architectural. Contact KC Salley Relocation for a move budget – 281-249-1088 or
  • Hire architect and space planner and begin planning new office layout.
  • Define file space requirements on a department level, office level and individual level. Review archive standards or create policy
  • Begin to plan a booklet of information about the new office. Include information regarding building access, security and new phone number listings. This is also a good opportunity to reinforce company policies. You can also provide information on local restaurants, gyms, stores and other helpful information. 

3 – 6 Months Prior to Projected Move Date

  • Build a database of employee names including department, phone number, computer configuration, and phone set-up.
  • Map servers and network printers
  • Make a list of leased equipment and check lease expiration date for copiers/printers/fax, mailing machines, coffee service, and vending machines.
  • Finalize new furniture decisions and place order.
  • Plan for the liquidation or decommission of old and unwanted furniture by creating a picture inventory that can be distributed to branches or outside vendors.
  • Finalize phone system and carrier. Place order.

3 Months Prior to Projected Move Date

  • Create a move team represented by all department to administer the relocation plan.
  • Hire KC Salley Relocation and invite us to your move team meetings.
  • Review office procedures relating to files that require special handling and security.
  • Create a list of items that are determined to be of high value (ie.. artwork, antiques)
  • Talk to your insurance provider about additional coverage during the physical relocation.
  • Have construction company give you a building inspection schedule for all final inspections.

1 Month – 2 Weeks Prior to Projected Move Date

  • Assign room names and numbers to the Destination Floor Plan.
  • Provide room names and numbers to KC Salley Relocation to pre-print your customized signage & labels
  • Provide KC Salley Relocation with 2 company contacts for the move with their mobile numbers
  • Provide KC Salley Relocation with signed paperwork
  • Contact building owners at both the old and new facilities and get their insurance certificate requirements. Forward sample COI’s to KC Salley Relocation.
  • Contact service providers for leased machines and provide change of address and schedule move.
  • Check potential issues with elevators and security with property management at origin & destination. Get after hour contacts and find out response times in case of problems. Look into having an elevator mechanic onsite during move hours.

1 Week Prior to Move Day:

  • Plan on whom and how your company will deal with post move issues regarding data, computers, phone, furniture and moving. Setup a temporary help desk to cover these issues.
  • Have the final purge day.
  • Have employees watch the KC Salley Relocation “Staff Move Meeting” video on Kevin can also provide an onsite Staff Move Meeting.
  • Receive delivery of crates, labels and all packing materials.
  • Tag all furniture and technology equipment. #1 Rule of Move – No Tag – No Move.
  • Schedule inspection with property management and note existing building damage.
  • Hang signage and floor plans at destination.

Move Day:

  • Prepare all computers, copiers, fax and other electronic equipment for moving. Back-up all Data.
  • Move team members need to make sure all common areas and individuals are packed and labeled.
  • Turn the move over to the movers. During the move the employees should go home taking any personal belongings with them. Only the move team should be present during the move.
  • Do a final walk-through of both origin and destination with your move manger confirming that everything has been moved and is in its final position at destination.
  • Setup a help desk for Monday morning.

Post Move:

  • Set up computers if that has not already been done and begin to unpack your crates.
  • Use an open space at destination to stage empty crates. Make sure that they properly nest.
  • Perform training for phone, security and new office procedures.
  • Make decisions about artwork and plant placement.
  • Work with KC Salley Relocation to have TV’s, wallboard and company art installed at destination.

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