Office Moving Pitfalls

By Kevin Crofoot, VP of Corporate Sales

I am going to review with you today 6 common pitfalls company move coordinators often experience and ways to resolve those pitfalls.

  1. Don’t rush the physical move– Reducing the time available for movers to perform their services will impact the quality of work, and may increase costs due to overtime and rush fees.Resolution – Understand the timeline for all vendors, including the mover,so that they do not crossover.
  2. Poor communication will add move day stress – You must keep your relocation team members, employees and vendors in the loop at all times regarding your relocation.Resolution – Keep a worksheet with the company names,contact names/numbers of all vendors, property management, elevator repair and employees involved in move day.
  3. Poor planning – Bad office moves begin with poor planning. Most people assigned to coordinate the office move have never done it before. Even if they are planners and well organized they don’t have the experience level to know what to plan and when (See KC Salley Relocation Move Checklist.)Resolution– Start planning early and push decision makers into choosing vendors early in the process.
  4. Phone estimate or with no site survey – Phone estimates are a way to ruin your move. Site surveys are recommended even on the smallest of moves. Specific furniture may require a certain tool or equipment for moving.Resolution – Have an office moving professional survey your contents and provide a fixed bid. That way you will know that you are getting the most affordable move.
  5. No office moving budget – Often overlooked when discussing new construction or the build out for your new office suite is the budget for the physical move of contents and computer into your new location. The office move is the cherry on top of an extremely stressful time. Adding a low cost mover to that equation can lead to damaged furniture and increased downtime.  Resolution – Add a line item in your overall relocation budget for moving
  6. Don’t get caught on an island – Recognize early that you will need help handling the move. It is not reasonable for one person to know everything that needs to take place in a move. This is important because moves can get complicated quickly and each department needs to be held responsible for their portion of the move.  Resolution – Create a move team that in which all departments are represented for proper coordination. 

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