Office Moving

February 5, 2016

Moving Services For The Hospitality Industry

Contributed by Rick Brown Johnson Storage and Moving Moving or renovating an office, medical facility or other business location can be a daunting task involving multiple departments, a long chain of approvals and logistics from storage to security and other considerations. But moving for a hospitality location such as a hotel has its own special challenges, all of which require experienced professionals who can ensure the attention to detail that your project requires. Let’s explore some of the issues facing hotels, whether moving to a new location or moving due to renovations. What’s Included In A Move? With most major […]
February 5, 2016
Closed Store

Moving Office Spaces? You Need Lease Surrender Services.

Contributed by David LeRoux If you’re currently renting an office space – whether for a medical office, law practice, retail space, classroom or other business – the time may come when you choose to relocate to another space that you’ve rented or purchased, or even shut the business down entirely. And while you may be planning for the logistics of the move, you may not be considering the challenges of surrendering your current lease. If you’re not familiar with the lease surrender process or perhaps were not even aware that there was a process, these are a sampling of questions […]
February 5, 2016
Hosting and servers room

Planning For A Successful Data Center Move

Contributed by Vicki Patten If you’re relocating your office space, moving can be tricky business. Beyond the basics, you probably have valuable equipment, stacks of supplies and even digital assets to protect, like customer data and billing records. If you’ve got an internal data center going with you, then you’ve exponentially increased the complexity of your move. But even if your office is staying in one place, a time may come when you need to move your infrastructure from one data center to another, or even from your office space to a third-party location. This is no small feat […]
May 2, 2015

What will be the Future of Office Moving?

I have been in the moving industry now since 1998 and we have had some significant changes. I remember when I first started learning to estimate household goods moves.  My instructor would say that the labor it takes to load 12,000 pounds today is the same as it was 50 years ago, no make that 100 years ago.  That logic is pretty hard to argue with.  The household goods side of our industry does stay fairly static and I think that might be why I have focused my career on the commercial side of our business. The commercial side is […]